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European Society of Gynaecological Oncology

The Voice of Gynaecological
Oncology in Europe

ESGO is a forum for professionals dedicated to the care of women affected by gynaecological cancer and a principal authority concerned with Gynaecological Oncology in Europe.

Our objective is to promote communication with scientific and professional bodies in order to create a dynamic and democratic European platform of individual professionals including specialists, fellows and nurses for networking, sharing of knowledge and improving gynecologic cancer care in Europe.

ESGO achieves its aims through ESGO biennial meetings, ESGO's official journal, the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer (IJGC), the organization of educational events, workshops and backed meetings, We are also involved in hospital accreditation and setting up accredited training programs, Travelling Fellowships and other activities.

In order to fulfill our objectives we need the involvement of all those who care about gynecology to join us and support our effort.

Welcome to the world of ESGO!

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